B2ten’s approach to athlete performance

We apply a business-based approach to developing elite athletes

Our approach is based on clarity of purpose, innovation and accountability. B2ten performs a comprehensive analysis of each athlete’s specific requirements. We then deploy expertise, resources and services to eliminate limitations to success. Services vary from from fully integrated programs to those that fill gaps with existing programming.

Who we are

We are innovators, activators and disruptors

We comprise some of Canada’s business leadership, a group of Canada’s sport performance professionals and dedicated volunteers, all of whom share a common purpose: A better Canada.

Social responsibility

B2ten believes that amateur athletes can have a powerful and positive influence on society in general and young people in particular

We encourage them to be ambassadors for active and healthy lifestyles as well as to participate in community service projects for the greater good of the society.


We are funded by those who believe that sport participation and active lifestyles underpin a dynamic society

B2ten is a Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association.

Our CRA registration number is 837258 250 RR0001

Our History

B2ten’s genesis dates back to 2002 when ski coach Dominick Gauthier and businessman JD Miller got together to help Jennifer Heil create an optimal training environment tailored to her specific needs. Funds were raised through generous donors in Edmonton, where Heil was raised, and Montreal where she relocated to pursue her studies and build herself into an all-around high-performance athlete.

After winning Gold at the 2006 Olympics, Jennifer tearfully expressed her wish that more athletes be able to feel the same way she did on the start line – fully prepared. This expression of gratitude led to the idea of contributing to national pride when Canada would host the world in Vancouver in 2010. Our purpose was to test the scalability of the model offering a group of athletes (different ages, genders and sports) tailored training and preparation services. JD undertook a fundraising effort and B2ten was born.

The demand for training and preparation services exceeded our expectations when dozens applied. Twenty athletes were provided services. Seventeen competed in Vancouver delivering fourteen medals.

Post Vancouver, the donor group requested that we carry on and, after due reflection, a decision was made to do so. Since that time, tens of millions of dollars have been put to good use for the benefit of amateur athletes and the Canadian sport system.

It was also post Vancouver that a member our leadership team suggested we devote attention to helping young children develop a habit of being active at an early age. His thesis was that the digital world would lead to higher rates of inactivity, obesity and juvenile diabetes; all which would negatively impact society at large and ultimately materially diminish the number of Olympic athletes come 2050. This led to the creation of Active for Life (AfL), an electronic platform that delivers guidance and activities to parents and early childhood educators. Beyond French and English, many of AfL’s resources are translated into 12 languages and accessed by some 2 million users annually.

For those wondering about the name B2ten, the “B” is for business with “2ten” a play on words relating to Canada’s 2010 Winter Games. Our business is neither business to business nor business to consumer however we consistently apply business based principles in decision making as we endeavor to contribute to Canada’s success on and off the playing field.